The Elrod Update

Thursday, August 31, 2006

Mowing the Grass

Matthew has come home from school the past 2 days and asked to mow the grass. This is him today... hard at work!

Ever since Matthew was about 18 months old, he has had an incredible interest in all things pertaining to yard work. He and I used to sit out on the balcony of our 3rd floor apartment and watch the men mow the grass below. He got his 1st toy lawnmower for his birthday when he was 2 years old and we lived in New York. "Uncle" Dean got him a real, working backpack leafblower (it was semi-homemade and electric... not gas!) for Christmas when he was 4 years old. The kid just loves wheelbarrows, weedeaters, all lawn tools, etc... Maybe he'll have his own lawn service one day! =)

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Happy Birthday...

.... to Chris! This past Tuesday, the 22nd, was Chris's 34th birthday. I drove up to Memphis to get him this particular workout bench that he wanted, and wouldn't you know it... the store was out of them! *sigh* So, we went to the mall to shop instead. The boys and I ended up getting him a shirt from American Eagle and some Hugo cologne from Dillard's. He also got a little box of hand-picked chocolate sweets from Dinstuhl's. Mmmm... great local chocolate store in Memphis! I made him the dinner of his choice.... fresh salmon patties with roasted red pepper sauce, sweet-n-spicy fresh green beans, and corn. For dessert I made a homemade, all-from-scratch, delicious peach cobbler! Mmm...mmmm!! We invited our neighbors over to share dessert with us. I do believe he had a good birthday!!

Thursday, August 17, 2006

The School Bus (& a couple of other pics)

Matthew rode the bus home the first day of school. The 2nd morning, we walked up to the bus stop with the boys. As the bus approached, Grant began crying again... he didn't want to go to school OR ride the bus. After some pleading (from me to Chris!), Daddy agreed to take Grant to school and walk him in again. But, Grant did agree to ride the bus home that afternoon. He did... and liked it! The 3rd morning, both boys were ready to ride the bus to school. Here they are...

This is Grant getting off the bus on Wednesday...

These are just a couple of extra pictures... One of Grant and his teacher, Mrs. Jones, and the other of Grant at his table as we left the classroom the first day of school.

First Day of School

This past Monday, August 14th, was the first day of school for the boys. Matthew is 8 years old and in the 3rd grade. Grant is 5 years old and in Kindergarten.

Chris and I drove them to school the first morning. We took Matthew to his class first and got him settled. His teacher's name is Mrs. Edmiston. He didn't want me to take a picture of him outside of the classroom underneath the "Welcome" sign. Daddy said he was growing up and that wasn't so cool to do! He reluctantly, however, let me take a picture of him at his desk before we left the room.

Then we were off across the hall to Grant's classroom. I felt myself tensing up and walking slower as we approached the Red Hall. I was about to turn my baby loose in Big Boy School for good. Grant eagerly jumped in front of the "Welcome" sign outside his classroom to have his picture made.

We walked in the classroom and put his lunch bag in his cubby hole. Then we sat down at his table. His mood began to change....

As it became clearer to him that we were about to leave, he began crying.... I wanted to do the same. He buried his head in my shoulder and said "I don't want to go to school!" I wanted to grab him up and take him home right then!!

We got up from the table and walked around the room looking at all the things the teacher had. We found a book that I had read to him the night before..."The Night Before Kindergarten". Grant thought that was neat that his teacher had the same book that we do. We walked back to his table and got him seated. He began coloring in the color book that was on the table. I told him to use the green crayon because that's one of Mommy's favorite colors. His teacher, Mrs. Jones, came over and talked to him for a minute, too....gave him some reassurance that he was going to have a great day. After giving Grant hugs and kisses, Chris and I reluctantly left the room. I held back my tears until I was out the front doors of the school. Chris rubbed my back and asked if I was okay. I said "No". I cried all the way home. That's my baby! My last one! What was I doing leaving him at school?? I was so sad all day on Monday. It was so lonely at home... and quiet! I couldn't wait until 2 pm to go pick him up. Matthew wanted to ride the bus home, but Grant didn't. When Grant got in the car after school, he was so excited to show me the stickers that he had got from his teacher. He had a good first day!! Matthew didn't have much to say, but he had a good first day, too. And so begins another school year....

Sunday, August 06, 2006



Today was haircut day for the 3 boys (big & little) at our house. This was Grant's first buzz cut.... Matthew has been having his cut this way since he was three. I wasn't so sure that I wanted Grant's hair cut this way but, alas, Daddy prevailed. *sigh* heehee

Friday, August 04, 2006

Shaving Already?!?!

Last night, Matthew was sent to the bathroom to take a shower before bed. He stayed in the bathroom longer than usual after he got out of the shower. Chris went in to check on him... Grant was waiting to get in the tub. He calls me back and this is what we found:

Matthew had been shaving his face! Chris opened the door in time to see his whole face covered in shaving cream... I was a bit late as I had to go find my camera. Matthew proudly showed us the razor, shaving cream, and Hugo cologne that he had confiscated from our bathroom. Chris let him finish the job... he didn't even cut himself! Oh, how little boys love to imitate their daddies!!