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Thursday, August 17, 2006

The School Bus (& a couple of other pics)

Matthew rode the bus home the first day of school. The 2nd morning, we walked up to the bus stop with the boys. As the bus approached, Grant began crying again... he didn't want to go to school OR ride the bus. After some pleading (from me to Chris!), Daddy agreed to take Grant to school and walk him in again. But, Grant did agree to ride the bus home that afternoon. He did... and liked it! The 3rd morning, both boys were ready to ride the bus to school. Here they are...

This is Grant getting off the bus on Wednesday...

These are just a couple of extra pictures... One of Grant and his teacher, Mrs. Jones, and the other of Grant at his table as we left the classroom the first day of school.


Blogger Cristy said...

Last year in Wichita, Blake and Claire rode the bus and Claire cried for 6 weeks. We survived and it was so convenient. Blake loved it. That was one thing Claire was glad to leave behind in Kansas.


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