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Monday, July 07, 2008

Just a Bunch of Random Pics

I usually like to organize my posts and photos around a certain theme or event. Sometimes, that just can't be done. The following are just a random assortment of pictures that were taken here and there. Enjoy!

Grant and his good friend, Emma

The boys got this from "Uncle" Dean in exchange for allowing "Uncle" Dean to keep our dog, Stormy. Thanks "Uncle" Dean!

Our friends, William, Janet & lil' Will

Matthew, lil' Will, and Grant

Mowing Uncle Phillip's grass

Riding in the White Co. Sheriff's Dept. float with Uncle Phillip for the White Co. Fair Parade (8/07)

Thanksgiving with the Farley's
(from top: Matthew, Blake, Claire, Anna Kate, Grant)
After Grant's Christmas program
(from left: Granddad, Grant, Jewell, Matthew, my dad (PawPaw))


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