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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Happy Birthday...

.... to Chris! This past Tuesday, the 22nd, was Chris's 34th birthday. I drove up to Memphis to get him this particular workout bench that he wanted, and wouldn't you know it... the store was out of them! *sigh* So, we went to the mall to shop instead. The boys and I ended up getting him a shirt from American Eagle and some Hugo cologne from Dillard's. He also got a little box of hand-picked chocolate sweets from Dinstuhl's. Mmmm... great local chocolate store in Memphis! I made him the dinner of his choice.... fresh salmon patties with roasted red pepper sauce, sweet-n-spicy fresh green beans, and corn. For dessert I made a homemade, all-from-scratch, delicious peach cobbler! Mmm...mmmm!! We invited our neighbors over to share dessert with us. I do believe he had a good birthday!!


Anonymous sarah said...

tell christopher robin happy belated birthday,matthew and grant howdy, and ill tell you hi sissy :)


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