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Thursday, August 14, 2008

First Day of School

Well, we are back at Lewisburg Elementary in Olive Branch, MS. The boys attended here 2 school years ago. This year they are in 5th grade and 2nd grade. Matthew's teacher is Mrs. Russell and Grant has Ms. Williams.
On the first day of school, Grant wanted Chris and I to drive him and walk him to his classroom. Matthew?... not so much. He caught the bus early that morning. It's no longer cool for Mom to take his picture in his classroom or, in fact, be anywhere around on the first day of school. I did, however, run by his room and sneak a peek to make sure he was getting settled in. He saw me, but pretended that he didn't. They both did get settled and we went on home. How quiet the house was all day! Nice... :)
Grant standing outside his classroom
This always happens... Grant's first name is Christopher and the teacher inevitably always uses his first name instead of "Grant".

I guess Matthew's teacher had the same "Welcome" idea


Blogger tleaf10 said...

I'm glad I got to catch up on your life! Glad the boys are getting back in the swing of things! Hope you are doing well ... I miss you :)


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