The Elrod Update

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Our New House... Part 2


The door leads to the garage.




The white double doors lead to the master bathroom.

I haven't had a chance to take pictures of the boy's rooms or the upstairs playroom... those will come soon. Thanks for taking a peek! Would love to have any of you come visit when you can!

Our New House

Although I sent out many exterior shots of our house as it was being built, I've never taken any interior shots to show. Please take a tour of our house... ;)



The door on the left is where the toilet is located and the door on the right is our walk-in closet.



The arched doorway to the far right of the picture leads to the master bedroom.

Rainy Day Fun

Last Saturday (9/23) was a rainy day... I mean the bottom just let out for a while! Matthew, Grant and his friend, Graydon, and the neighbor kids played out in the driveway while it poured down. They had so much fun!!

Grant and Graydon... Best Buddies

After the Rain....

No Training Wheels!!

We've been encouraging Grant for a couple of months now to let us help him learn to ride his bicycle with no training wheels. The answer was always the same..."No!!" Didn't matter how many of his lil' friends could already ride on 2 wheels, he just wasn't interested in trying to do it himself. Recently we purchased him a smaller bike in the hopes that would help motivate him. It did!! Bought the bike on Thursday... by mid-morning on Saturday he was almost a pro!! We didn't even get out there and run behind him holding on to the seat!! He just got out there all by himself, balanced, and took off!! Now he loves to ride on just 2 wheels all over the place out here! My lil' boy just keeps getting bigger! ;)

Oops!! There's still the occasional fall...


Early this summer, we signed Matthew up to play Fall soccer. He's on an Olive Branch city league. The team's name is White Lightning. After a month of practices, he had his first game on September 11th. They lost, but Matthew still enjoyed playing the game. He's not so much into the rules of the game as he just enjoys kicking the ball when it comes his way. ;) His usual position so far has been backfield defense. He plays 2 games/week through the end of October. We'll see if he wants to play Spring soccer, too.