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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Mustang Momma

Due to a couple of minor incidents with objects either in the road or somewhere there abouts, my car has been in need of a bit of repair work. No comments, please. So, on Monday, Chris and I dropped off my VW Passat at the car shop and headed over to Enterprise Rent-A-Car to pick up a car for the week. I jokingly pointed out the red Mustang as we walked across the parking lot and said "That's the one I want!" Lo and behold... it actually was the one that had been reserved for me! Matthew thinks I'm totally cool driving it and tells me we just need to trade mine in for this one. Umm... okay. *heehee* Alas, I must return this sporty lil' car and pick up my refurbished family car on Friday. It's been fun to drive all week, though.


Anonymous Laura said...

Brad says that if you're trying to use the car to make yourself look's not working. Hee! Hee! I told him that I was going to comment that it was sexy!! Which comment do you like better? *GRINNING*


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