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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Fall Decorating

I never did much Fall decorating in the past, but this summer I went through several boxes of decorations that Mom used to have and snagged a few things to jazz up my house this year. I've got a few more pumpkins and Halloween-y things to put out in a few weeks.

Breakfast room

Living Room... This dresser once belonged to my Granddad.

Dining Room... My brother, David Lee, took the 2 pictures that are in the silver frames. He's a good photographer. :) The buffet was given to us by Mother and Daddy.

Outside... This was one of 2 wreaths that was sent by someone to Mother's funeral. I took the larger one and my brother, Phillip, has the smaller one.


Blogger Deanna said...

Hey Cathy! It looks great! I really love the furniture in the breakfast room! :) I was thinking of getting my fall mantel up this weekend myself.

Blogger tleaf10 said...

I like all your fall decorations! I need to start doing that too :) I'll be heading through your town in October - maybe we can meet up for a few minutes just to say hi!

Blogger teressa said...

It all looks so nice. I need new decorating stuff. thanks for sharing!



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