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Monday, July 07, 2008

1st and 4th Grade

Since I'm trying to catch everyone up a bit on our time in AR, many of these posts will be out of order date-wise. These are pictures of the boy's first day at school this past year ('07-'08). They attended White County Central school where I began when I was a little girl. Matthew's homeroom teacher was a classmate of mine from kindergarten until I moved in the 3rd grade. His math teacher was my kindergarten teacher! Grant's teacher attended church with our family in Judsonia. The principal has known me since I was a young girl. It was a neat trip down memory lane to have them attend this school. They both had a good year. Grant is quite the reader and mathemetician. Matthew is quite the talker. They each have their own special talents. *heehee* :)

First day of school
Grant in his classroom. Matthew wouldn't let me follow him to class... it wasn't "cool" to do that. *heehee*

Waiting for the bus

There they go....


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