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Friday, August 04, 2006

Shaving Already?!?!

Last night, Matthew was sent to the bathroom to take a shower before bed. He stayed in the bathroom longer than usual after he got out of the shower. Chris went in to check on him... Grant was waiting to get in the tub. He calls me back and this is what we found:

Matthew had been shaving his face! Chris opened the door in time to see his whole face covered in shaving cream... I was a bit late as I had to go find my camera. Matthew proudly showed us the razor, shaving cream, and Hugo cologne that he had confiscated from our bathroom. Chris let him finish the job... he didn't even cut himself! Oh, how little boys love to imitate their daddies!!


Blogger Cristy said...

Okay, that is hysterical. He is so creative. I don't think Blake would have a clue. Now Anna Kate might try it!!!


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