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Saturday, July 05, 2008

Firecracker Fun

I just love firework displays! I love the whistle or crack as they whiz their way into the sky... the "boom" as they explode... the colorful displays... the smoke and smell of sulphur. Sparklers were one of my favorite things as a child. Don't you remember writing your name in the air and trying to make out the letters in the faint smoke? How about "snakes"... the little pellets you lit on the ground and they grew into a long snake-like formation? My grandpa in NY used to light those in the driveway and all of us kids would stand back and watch.... they were so cool. :)

This Fourth of July, we took the boys to the Snowden Grove Park firework display in Southaven. We parked behind a business just a bit away and climbed a hill at the back of the parking lot. After setting up our chairs, we had a couple of hours to wait. We played, we made silly faces, we found a large piece of plywood and rode down the other side of the hill with it to pass the time. Soon enough, the fireworks began. Unfortunately, there were a few trees in our way (we know where NOT to sit next time!), but we were still able to see the majority of the sparkling fun... as long as they shot high up in the sky. :)

After the festivities were over, we headed home to shoot a few fireworks of our own in the driveway. The boys had so much fun helping Daddy light them and then running a safe distance away to watch them explode.

I hope everyone had a safe and enjoyable day of celebrating our freedom as a nation... God Bless America!

Part of the way we passed the time... I'm sure we were a sight for others to see. HA!


Blogger Natasha said...

Looks like ya'll had a fun - and self entertaining - 4th. Our neighbors attempted to treat us to some little fireworks they had but our neighbor cop across the street reported us. Apparently we are barely inside the city limits, where it's illegal...oops.


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