The Elrod Update

Monday, July 07, 2008

More Randomness

The boys wanted to send a balloon to Grandma.... in Heaven. ;)

The many faces of Grant... HA!

Grant's first lost tooth and the rewards of the Tooth Fairy visit (2/08)
Title: Momma. Medium: Rocks. Artists: Matthew and Grant.
Grant and his very best friend "in the whole universe!", Graydon S. (4/08)
Matthew and the baby bird that he found in the back yard

Matthew's end-of-the-year school program (5/08)
(in both photos, he's the first one to the right of the microphone)

Mother's Day (5/08)

Just a Bunch of Random Pics

I usually like to organize my posts and photos around a certain theme or event. Sometimes, that just can't be done. The following are just a random assortment of pictures that were taken here and there. Enjoy!

Grant and his good friend, Emma

The boys got this from "Uncle" Dean in exchange for allowing "Uncle" Dean to keep our dog, Stormy. Thanks "Uncle" Dean!

Our friends, William, Janet & lil' Will

Matthew, lil' Will, and Grant

Mowing Uncle Phillip's grass

Riding in the White Co. Sheriff's Dept. float with Uncle Phillip for the White Co. Fair Parade (8/07)

Thanksgiving with the Farley's
(from top: Matthew, Blake, Claire, Anna Kate, Grant)
After Grant's Christmas program
(from left: Granddad, Grant, Jewell, Matthew, my dad (PawPaw))

1st and 4th Grade

Since I'm trying to catch everyone up a bit on our time in AR, many of these posts will be out of order date-wise. These are pictures of the boy's first day at school this past year ('07-'08). They attended White County Central school where I began when I was a little girl. Matthew's homeroom teacher was a classmate of mine from kindergarten until I moved in the 3rd grade. His math teacher was my kindergarten teacher! Grant's teacher attended church with our family in Judsonia. The principal has known me since I was a young girl. It was a neat trip down memory lane to have them attend this school. They both had a good year. Grant is quite the reader and mathemetician. Matthew is quite the talker. They each have their own special talents. *heehee* :)

First day of school
Grant in his classroom. Matthew wouldn't let me follow him to class... it wasn't "cool" to do that. *heehee*

Waiting for the bus

There they go....

Outdoor Fun

On Saturday, some friends of ours invited us out to their land to hang out for the day. They don't just have one or two acres... they have around 86! It's out in the middle of nowhere (so it seems) and there's plenty of space for 2 little boys to have lots of fun. Matthew got to practice turtle shooting with his .22 gun. Grant got to go frog hunting at the pond. They both got to ride the 4-wheeler with Daddy. What a nice way to spend a relaxing afternoon. Thanks William & Janet! :)
Grant scouting the pond for frogs

He found one!Ready. Aim. Fire! Matthew and Chris Grant and Chris

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Firecracker Fun

I just love firework displays! I love the whistle or crack as they whiz their way into the sky... the "boom" as they explode... the colorful displays... the smoke and smell of sulphur. Sparklers were one of my favorite things as a child. Don't you remember writing your name in the air and trying to make out the letters in the faint smoke? How about "snakes"... the little pellets you lit on the ground and they grew into a long snake-like formation? My grandpa in NY used to light those in the driveway and all of us kids would stand back and watch.... they were so cool. :)

This Fourth of July, we took the boys to the Snowden Grove Park firework display in Southaven. We parked behind a business just a bit away and climbed a hill at the back of the parking lot. After setting up our chairs, we had a couple of hours to wait. We played, we made silly faces, we found a large piece of plywood and rode down the other side of the hill with it to pass the time. Soon enough, the fireworks began. Unfortunately, there were a few trees in our way (we know where NOT to sit next time!), but we were still able to see the majority of the sparkling fun... as long as they shot high up in the sky. :)

After the festivities were over, we headed home to shoot a few fireworks of our own in the driveway. The boys had so much fun helping Daddy light them and then running a safe distance away to watch them explode.

I hope everyone had a safe and enjoyable day of celebrating our freedom as a nation... God Bless America!

Part of the way we passed the time... I'm sure we were a sight for others to see. HA!