The Elrod Update

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

No Training Wheels!!

We've been encouraging Grant for a couple of months now to let us help him learn to ride his bicycle with no training wheels. The answer was always the same..."No!!" Didn't matter how many of his lil' friends could already ride on 2 wheels, he just wasn't interested in trying to do it himself. Recently we purchased him a smaller bike in the hopes that would help motivate him. It did!! Bought the bike on Thursday... by mid-morning on Saturday he was almost a pro!! We didn't even get out there and run behind him holding on to the seat!! He just got out there all by himself, balanced, and took off!! Now he loves to ride on just 2 wheels all over the place out here! My lil' boy just keeps getting bigger! ;)

Oops!! There's still the occasional fall...


Anonymous Amy Callaway said...

Emma and Jack both love the new bike. What a big man!!


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