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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Mother's Day

Mother's Day is always bittersweet for me now that my own mother is no longer here. I'm so happy and grateful to be able to celebrate my special position as "Mom" with my children, but I'm also sad that I'm not able to celebrate the day with my own mother. If you have your mother with you still, give her a hug. Call her. Send her a card. Tell her you love her. Make good memories. Our mothers love us so much more than we ever really know.

This year, Chris's mother came out to the house for dinner after church. I don't like going to a restaurant on Mother's Day... way too crowded and I don't have the patience to wait in line for an hour just to eat. Sooo.... we came home and ate fajitas. I made an angel food cake with pineapple filling and lime whipped topping. Very tropical and light.... yum!!

The boys got me a new set of kitchen knives (something I've wanted for a while now) and a good-smelling candle.

It was a very nice day! :)
Chris and his mom, Kathy


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Glad ya'll are finally back in the Great state of MS! I talked to Jack at church tonight, and we both agreed we need to all get together soon. Let me know when ya'll are back from vacation. Those boys are so cute!
Gary Taylor

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great pics! :)


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