The Elrod Update

Monday, April 30, 2007

No Job

Most of you know but some of you may not... Chris lost his job at the end of March. He was working for Cleo, Inc. and in months past, they had been downsizing. At the first of March, his manager called him in and said she'd heard rumors of more lay-offs and if they looked at the Marketing Department, he'd be the first to go since he was the most recent new-hire. He'd only been there a little over a year. Two days later, his manager confirms that he would lose his job at the end of that month. The not so funny thing is that Chris had worked for the same company just 10 years ago and they did the very same thing to him then, too. *sigh* Anyway... he began his job search immediately. We thought that the search would be quick and easy... Chris is smart, has an MBA, lots of experience, great personality, etc... and that he'd have a job before he was laid off at the end of the month. Not so. We're still continuing to search with not much luck. He's had 2 interviews and both companies have decided to pursue other candidates. He's applied at almost every major company in Memphis with no response. We've found that some companies are at the end of their fiscal year and don't want to take on another expense (a new hire) until they begin their new year again in June. It's just bad timing for us to be looking for a job. He has a recruiter that is working with him but she's just not finding anything at the moment. We've (reluctantly) expanded the territory that we're willing to look in (Nashville, St. Louis, Little Rock, Birmingham... anything within a 5 hour radius to Memphis) and still nothing. We are discouraged and Chris really feels "lost". If Chris is unable to find something soon, we may have to put our house up for sale (we've only been here a year). There are just lots of questions, emotions, and unknowns that we are experiencing right now. We know that God has a plan and that He will provide for us in His own time. We know that. We would just appreciate any and all prayers for God to quickly show us the right job opportunity for Chris and for our attitudes while we search and wait.


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