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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Mr. Q and Miss U Get Married

Last Wednesday, Grant was in a wedding. He was the Best Man (although, initially, he thought it was called the Great Man... HA!). A bit unusual for a kindergartener? Not if you're a student in Mrs. Jones kindergarten class at Lewisburg Elementary. She has implemented a fun activity to get the kids to remember that Q and U are partners in forming the beginning of lots of words. Each year, there is a wedding ceremony to unite Mr. Q and Miss U. The student's names are drawn out of a hat to see who gets to play what role. There is the Bride and Groom, bridesmaids/groomsmen, best man/maid of honor, ushers, ringbearer, flowergirl, preacher, servers, guestbook attendant, photographer, and singer. After the ceremony, there is a reception complete with an honest-to-goodness wedding cake, groom's cake, punch, mints, and nuts. Of course, at this reception, QUaker oatmeal cookies and Nestle QUik chocolate milk are served, too! All that were invited were encouraged to dress in wedding appropriate attire... there was even a Bride's side and a Groom's side. The kids had lots of fun and learned a lesson all at the same time!

Waiting for the Bride... L-R: Preacher James Lewis (DeSoto Hills Baptist), Preacher Freddie, Groom Benton, and Best Man Grant

Getting Married

Miss U (Josie) and Mr Q

Escorting (sort of) the maid of honor, Lee

Dancing at the reception

Having a bite of cake with his friend, Reed

Grant and Mrs. Jones

Me and my Best Man :)


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