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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Happy 6th Birthday, Grant!!

On April 21st, Grant celebrated his 6th birthday. He asked for only 2 things from us for presents... a set of walkie-talkies and to go to the Build-A-Bear store. We took him there on Friday night. He had fun choosing the bear body that he wanted, stuffing it, picking out an outfit for it to wear, and naming it. This is the bear he chose and he named it Joe:

The camo outfit is the one that Grant chose and then he received the Spiderman outfit (he LOVES Spiderman!) from some friends of ours:

Grant wanted a Spy Party and we came up with a few fun things to fit that theme. We found a picture of a cake online that he liked and I made it for him. I love to make the boy's cakes! My mother always made cakes for me and my siblings and I want my boys to have the same memory of me when they are older.

As the kids arrived, I fingerprinted them at the Agent Check-In station:

They then each signed a secret message (their name) on a poster for Grant:

After everyone had arrived, they played a couple of rounds of "Get A Clue"... our spy version of "Pin the Tail on the Donkey". Each kid was given a paper fingerprint and they tried to place it as close to the magnifying glass as they could:

This is how "close" all of them got after a little bit of touchy-feely cheating! HA! :

Then it was time to open presents. Here's a group shot of the party guests before Grant opened his presents... it was chaos afterwards and there would have been no chance of getting them to sit still then!

Then came the sweet part... the CAKE! I made a 2 layer homemade chocolate and homemade vanilla cake with homemade buttercream frosting. It took a little time to make and decorate but it's always so worth it!:

After eating cake and ice cream, the kids played out in the yard until the party was over.

Grant and his best friends, Graydon and Emma
Grant had a great party with all of his lil' friends, but his day of fun was not over. Graydon spent the night and we took them to a Memphis Redbirds baseball game later that afternoon.


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