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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Easter Egg Hunt at Church

Last Saturday, the boys hunted Easter Eggs at our church's annual Egg Hunt. Hundreds of plastic eggs are scattered all over our church's front lawn for the kids to run and collect once the ribbon barrier has been cut. The eggs are empty but kids receive a treat bag once they are finished filling their basket to the top. The decision was made to not fill the eggs after we figured out that the candy was melting and creating a mess inside while sitting out in the sun waiting to be gathered. This year, however, that wouldn't have been a problem. It was COLD! I'm talking coats-gloves-scarves-and-hats-cold. Brrrrr! Still, the boys had fun and even got their picture made with the Easter Bunny.

Waiting to Begin


Matthew and William looking for a Prize Easter Egg

Graydon, Easter Bunny, and Grant

Heading home...


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