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Thursday, June 14, 2007

The Gun

First there was the BB gun. Next came the pellet gun. Now it's getting big-time... the .22 rifle. Yep... a .22 rifle. Matthew received that as a 9th birthday present this year from Uncle Phillip, Uncle David Lee and Pawpaw. What pure-bred, good-ol' Southern country boy doesn't get his first rifle at a young age? I wasn't terribly thrilled with the idea but got overruled by Chris and Uncle Phillip. Matthew was so excited!

He immediately began target practicing in Uncle Phillip's backyard. I tried my hand at shooting, too, but, not surprisingly, missed the target. Oh well... a sharp-shooter I am not! Here are some pictures of Matthew and the rest of us target practicing in the backyard.


Blogger Chayil Marie Branda said...

wow... you really did do an update!!

I love these though... so true! a good ole southern boy!! ;-)


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