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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The Piano

Uncle Phillip has a piano at his house. It belonged to my grandmother and I remember playing it every time that we went to her house. I never learned how to really play, but I always enjoyed picking out a song note by note until I got it just right. To this day, about the best I can play is the DoReMi song from the Sound of Music. HA! Phillip, on the other hand, can play very well. When my grandmother died, Phillip inherited the piano. I'm so glad he did. Now my boys like to play on it whenever we go visit. Matthew can play Mary Had A Little Lamb pretty well and Grant's getting there. Matthew has always been musically inclined... perhaps the piano could be one of the instruments that he learns how to play.


Blogger Sandra said...

I always wondered where the piano went. I am glad that it is still getting used. Did Phillip get it tuened?


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