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Monday, November 27, 2006

Trimming the Tree

The Christmas 2006 Finished Tree

It happens every year the weekend after Thanksgiving... the annual holiday tradition of putting up and decorating the Christmas tree. I remember when I was younger that our family would go out in the woods on my Grandad's property and pick our tree. Daddy would chop it down and we'd bring it home. Whether pine or cedar, it always smelled great! Now, after a year or three of fresh, expensive trees, we have a nice fake one (do "nice" and "fake" even go together??) that has paid for itself already for years to come. It's 7.5 feet tall and has what looks like tiny ice/water droplets on the ends of some of the branches. For a fake tree, it's pretty. This past Saturday morning I began the task of going in the attic and looking for all the Christmas decorations. I must've brought out a dozen boxes... okay, maybe not but it sure seemed that way. Especially to Chris! HA! I've about decided I'm not putting out every decoration that I have this year. What is it... less is more?? ;) Anyway... we got out the tree and Chris helped assemble it. It's really fairly easy... 3 sections and the branches just fall down. After a little fluffing and a light check, we were ready to begin. I started with the many many feet of red beads and wrapped it round and round the tree. Next came the ornaments. I separated the non-breakable ornaments that the kids were allowed to handle from the more fragile ones. I gave them their pile and let them do their work. Surprisingly, they didn't clump all 52 ornaments together in one spot! heehee After some minor placement help from me, it was my turn to finish up putting on the rest. My ornaments are very eclectic. The themed fancy trees look oh-so-pretty but I prefer one with sentimental value. We have fancy glass ornaments and homemade paper ornaments made with love by 2 little boys. We have ornaments that belonged to Chris and I as kids and even 2 ornaments that belonged to my parent's when they decorated their first tree. So many memories in such simple tree decorations. Next came the red and white bows all carefully spaced out. Last came the tree topper. I think I do something different every year. I've made bows, put on a Santa Claus hat, and even had an old fashioned St. Nick perched atop the tree. This year I made my own bow and it turned out beautifully if I do say so myself! ;) I then spread out the tree skirt and it was finished. Christmas Tree 2006 was done and it is quite lovely! Stop by and take a peek if you happen to be out in our neck of the woods! Oh... during the tree trimming, we listened to Christmas music and Chris made us all hot cocoa. It was a wonderful evening of spending family time together. :)

Grant placing the first ornament on the tree

Sorting the ornaments

Chris just sat back and took pictures ;)

Enjoying some hot cocoa

Chris making the hot cocoa for us

We hope each of you enjoys a blessed and wonderful Holiday Season!!


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