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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

At the Corn Maze

Every year, the Agricenter here in Memphis hosts a Corn Maze for all to try to find their way through. At night it is a haunted maze. Ummmm... not for us! heehee We went on a Sunday afternoon after church. This year Chris and I took the boys, Grant's little friend (Graydon), Chris's mom (Meme), and my brother (Phillip). Uncle Phillip had actually flown in for the day so it was a nice treat to have him tag along with us. The weather was beautiful that day! Very warm for end of October. We began our journey through the maze a little after 1 pm. Around 10 til 2 we finally found the halfway point. Halfway!! We chose to escape at that point.... we had heard one too many "Are we lost?" by then. heehee After we got out of the maze, the boys wanted to shoot the corn cannon. There are different targets set up in a field... business targets. If you hit one, you got a gift certificate or other happy from the business. Would you believe that Grant hit the furthest target out in the field?? He got us a gift certificate to Whole Hog BBQ! YAY Grant!! Of course, Matthew didn't think it was quite fair that he didn't hit a target. Next year, Matthew, next year. ;) After we left the Corn Maze, we decided to go get a little treat. Thank you, Uncle Phillip, for treating us to delicious Bruster's Ice Cream! Yum!! We then went home and rested for a little while before going back to church that evening. It was a very good day! :)

Meme, Uncle Phillip, and Chris waiting on us to catch up!

Uncle Phillip, Graydon, Matthew, Chris, and Grant

Matthew, Chris, and Grant (who didn't want another picture taken and refused to look at the camera!)

Ma and Pa :)

Matthew and Graydon (Matthew didn't know which side he was on... heehee)

Graydon and Grant

Vanilla, Vanilla, Cookie Dough :)



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Funny about Matthew not knowing what side he was on! LOL!


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