The Elrod Update

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Fall Fun

Recently our family was invited to attend a hayride/bonfire with one of the Bible classes from our church. Some friends of ours have purchased 86 acres of land out in the country about an hour away from us. We joined them and several other families for some chatting, eating, and fun. We arrived about 4 and left about 8 that night. The boys were worn out! There was a pond, haybales, and woods to run around, jump on, and explore. The weather was great... not too cold at all! Everyone had a great time!!

Just getting the bonfire started

Somebody had the right idea... that fire was HOT!!

Trying to keep the heat away from his face

Getting ready for the hayride

Is that Matthew and Caleb hiding in the hay??

That's my "Good grief! Come ON and take the picture!" look... heehee

All aboard for a little hayride fun!!


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