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Friday, November 24, 2006

More Thanksgiving Pictures

Daddy and me.... Daddy had a minor car accident (he's okay) 2 days before T'giving and the airbag went off. That's why he has a red nose and, according to Grant, looks like Rudolph!! HA!

Full and sleepy after a big dinner

Siblings and nephews relaxing... ignore the "salutes" =P

PawPaw and Matthew

PawPaw and Grant

David Lee enjoying a plate full of desserts... YUM!!

I love this picture! David Lee, Sarah, Phillip, and me

This tree is out in the front yard at Daddy's... I used to climb it all the time when I was growing up. In fact, I pushed my brother, Phillip, out of it once! I'm nicer to him now... HA!

Y'all may be seeing this one in your Christmas cards this year! :)

Sisters!! I really like this picture, too! :)

Me and Jamie... She's always been like a second mother to me. She and her family are life long family friends. I grew up babysitting for her children... her oldest daughter and I were in each other's weddings. It was good to visit with her on Thanksgiving day!


Blogger Natasha said...

What a nice looking family you have! You are blessed. :)



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