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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Patriotic Program

Last Thursday, about 4:30 in the afternoon, Matthew casually tells me that he has a 3rd grade program that night at the school. WHAT?? "Matthew... go get your notebook from school." "Mom... there is no note." Right. "Mom... call the school and see." Okay. Sooo... I call the school. Lady answers. I ask if she can clear something up for me because my son seems to think there's a program at school tonight and I know nothing about it. "Oh, yes ma'am! You didn't get the note??" Note?? No! I didn't get a note! If I had would I be calling the school asking if there was a program that night!??! =P Anyway... I ask what time they need to be there. 6:00. Time was then 4:45. Great. "What do they need to wear?" "Anything red, white or blue. Patriotic." Okay. "Matthew... go get dressed now!" He looked great! Navy blue slacks and long sleeved solid red shirt. Patriotic enough for me. I called Chris and told him to just meet me at the school. We get there and as we're walking in I notice something...every other child is wearing khaki pants and a white shirt!!! Good grief!! I walked Matthew down to his classroom and explained to the teacher why he was dressed the way he was. She asks Matthew..."Did you not give your mom the note I sent home a week ago??". Ummm.... no. lol Fortunately, another mother overheard me talking to the teacher and offered an extra white shirt that she had to Matthew. He did a great job singing in the program even though that's not his favorite thing to do. He soooo does not like to perform in front of a crowd! I did get tickled watching him and the little boy beside him play a game of elbowing each other during the performance. They were on the front row, too! Boys! All was well in the end... ;)

Doesn't he look handsome?? :)

Matthew is the 3rd from left past the microphone


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