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Tuesday, October 10, 2006


This past weekend (10/6,7,8) our family went camping with another family from church, the Hendrix's. They have 2 older children and their daughter is actually our babysitter. We camped at Meeman-Shelby Forest State Park outside of Millington, TN. The Hendrix's have an RV that they camp in, but we just have a tent. We got out there on Friday evening and left late in the afternoon on Sunday. The boys had such a great time! Our activities for the weekend included bike riding, shooting marbles into the river with slingshots, walking along a sandbar in the river, and taking a hike. The first night I slept in the RV, but the 2nd night I actually slept in the tent with Chris and the boys! It wasn't terribly cold and I slept pretty well! I may enjoy this camping thing more than I thought I would! :)

Around the campfire on Friday night

Matthew and Andy chopping a log... Matthew loves to use the hatchet!!

On the sandbar at the river...notice the barge in the background of the boy's picture

Our family


Anonymous MickeyMomma2JnJ said...

What a beautiful spot to camp at! Looks like you had great weather as well! They are saying we'll be seeing some of the white stuff flying up here very soon. We've had at least two frosts already and have been scraping windsheilds in the morning :0P And I'm moving further north, LOL!!!!! Winters are so different there though, here you never know what to expect ;0)


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