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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Grandad's 90th Birthday Party

This weekend we traveled to Judsonia, AR to celebrate 90 years of life that my Grandad has been blessed to live. His actual birthday is July 4th... a Firecracker Baby!...but this weekend was the best time for most out-of-state family to be able to attend. His 4 sons, 10 grandchildren (there are 11 of us... one couldn't attend), and 11 great grandchildren (there are 12... again, one couldn't attend) were able to celebrate with him. There were also numerous other family members and friends that came, too. We took pictures, ate, laughed, visited, ate, played and ate some more. Grandad spoke a bit about his long life... jobs he's held, his children and grandchildren, places to which he's traveled. Ninety years is a long time to accomplish much!! It was a wonderful time of being with family. =)


Anonymous Natasha said...

Wow Cath - you can see a lot of resemblences in your dad's family between the men (I'm assuming that's his dad with him). It looks like you all had a really nice time.

Anonymous Margo said...

Cathy, As usualy you look great and your granddad does not look 90! I can see where you get your good looks! Thanks for sharing!


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