The Elrod Update

Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Today was a playdate for Grant with his lil' girlfriend, Emma. They met 2 years ago at Mother's Day Out. They paired up in class from the first time they met and have developed such a cute relationship with each other. Grant was invited to Emma's birthday party earlier this year and he was the only little boy there! heehee She just insisted that he come, too! ;)
Above you'll see pictures of the two of them over the last couple of years. Aren't they cute?? ;)


Anonymous Margo said...

They are just too cute Cathy! No wonder he likes her. She reminds me of you! :)

Blogger MJ said...

A blog ... how cool, now i can keep up with your life, I love it! Your boys are so handsome and man do you look great!


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