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Friday, July 14, 2006

Paying Bills, Etc...

Oh my goodness gracious!! I have about run the tires off of my car today with all the running around I've done. After living here for a couple of months, we decided to finally get our MS driver's licenses. Had to be at the center by 8 am because they only do out of state transfers from 8-11 am. There was already a bit of a line when we got there at 7:45. I had no problem getting mine, but Chris hit a bit of a snag... his wallet had been stolen before we moved from Memphis and he never got another copy of his SS card. Of course, they needed your actual card to verify your SS number and he didn't have his. Thankfully, there's a SS place right in town and he was able to run over there, get a copy of his card and then come back. Whew! Moving on... Okay, I have to admit that I (we... Chris didn't know either, really) was a bit naive about our utilities when we moved into this house. Everything was on and working (lights, water, etc...) when we moved in. Soooo.... I just assumed that somehow, somewhere in the process of purchasing the home and lot, our names were transferred to these services. After 2 and a half months of not receiving a bill, we finally got a note from the builder asking us to please go get the services put in our name. The builder had been paying our bills for us the whole time!! Why he waited so long to notify us, I don't know, but... This whole day was spent driving all over the country (okay, not really, but it felt like it!!) getting the gas, water, sewer, and electric (yes... 4 different places!!) all put in our name. We are almost legitimate MS citizens, now. We still have to get our car tags changed over, but that's going to have to come next paycheck!! Car tags here are not a set fee... they charge you a portion of your vehicle's value... we're looking at a few hundred dollars! OUCH!!
Whew!! It's been quite a day, but feels good to have accomplished so much. I'm ready for a nap! ;)


Anonymous Laura said...

Cathy...I had to laugh about your utility bill situation! I think you're lucky the electricity or water stayed on, I would've expected them to "mysteriously" stop working at some point.

I've been looking at your page nearly everyday. Thanks for starting it. I'll try to start one for us one of these days so maybe people can see pictures of Jared and Kiley and how they're growing, too.

Anonymous Margo said...

Ugh.. What a fun time you must have had! The DMV works the same way here in CA. Our registration runs over $100 for each car. A set fee would be nice!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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