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Friday, February 23, 2007

Valentine's Day

A couple of weeks before Valentine's Day, Grant had asked me if I was going to get him and Matthew a surprise like I did last year. Truthfully, I had completely forgotten that I had done anything for them other than making a special dinner. I then remembered that I had placed a small box of chocolates and something else Valentine-y on their plates before they sat down for dinner. You just never know what little things they'll remember and look forward to the next year. This year, I made each of them a special treat sack with some goodies that I had picked up at the store. Before they got ready for school that morning, I had them sit on the couch and close their eyes while they awaited the handing over of their gifts. Here they are anxiously waiting:

I then let them look inside to see what they got:

They each got a small box of chocolates, a heart-shaped Ring-Pop, a box of Conversation Sweet Hearts, and a pen with a heart on the end that lights up when you write. Just a few lil' fun things. :)

"You're always FIRST with me!"

"You've got me HOPPIN'!"

Showing a little Valentine's Day love

Hope each of you had a great Valentine's day and got to spend it with someone special!


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