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Friday, January 19, 2007

The Fair

(I realize this is not in chronological order with all the other posts... oh well.)

What comes to mind when you think of the fair? A day out of school? Bright lights at night? The yummy food... cotton candy, corndogs, turkey legs, BBQ, ice cream? Exhibits... the Largest Vegetable, the Prettiest Roses, the Yummiest Homemade Goodie? How about the rides that thrill and turn your tummy upside down? Matthew took his first ride on a roller coaster... the Zippin Pippin (Elvis's favorite ride!)... at the fair. He was 4... thanks "Uncle" Dean! :) I personally prefer to just walk around, sample the fair food, and people-watch. What do you like to do??

Chris and I took the boys to the Mid-South Fair in Memphis earlier this fall. We chose to take them out of school early so that we could take advantage of free admission day. It so happened to be "P" day in Grant's kindergarten class and the kids wore their pajamas to school. I was sure I had put a change of clothes in the car for him but I didn't. Oops!! He said he didn't mind going to the fair in his jammies... that's why you'll see him posing in his Spiderman pj's. :)

We had a great time walking around, riding rides, and eating way too much food that is sooo good but sooo bad for you. :) Here are some things we did:

Grant on the Chinese Dragon Ride... he's in the 3rd car from the left

Honk Honk! Big Rig coming through!

Sand art that was sculpted throughout the week

Matthew in front of an old Memphis fire engine


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