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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Tooth Troubles

Doesn't everyone need a little drama of some sort over the holidays?? On Christmas night, Matthew had an accident. He was over at the neighbor's house playing with his friend. Their dog was tied up over on the corner by the garage. As Matthew came out of the garage, the dog walked in front of Matthew and caused him to trip over the taut leash. He fell face first on the concrete. Busted his lip and broke off part of his front tooth. He came home crying and with a bloody mouth. What a sight to see when I opened the door!! He was a trooper, though... a dose of Tylenol and a cold washcloth for the lip was all he needed to make him feel better. I took him to the dentist today to get his tooth fixed. Here he is in the office and with Dr. Wilkinson:
Notice the bottom corner of the tooth on the left

The "Magic Gas" mask... he looks more like a fighter pilot to me! heehee

All done... Matthew was feeling a bit loopy from the gas they gave him

He felt a little sick on the way home... a combination of no breakfast and the gas they used. I let him lay on the couch for a little while when we got home before getting him to eat a bowl of Cheerios. He was trying to make out that he was worse than he really was so that he could stay home from school the rest of the day but that didn't work. Off to school he went... new tooth and all!!


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Glad he is all better!


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