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Sunday, February 04, 2007

Snow Day!!

Last Friday, we woke up to a blanket of white across the yard. The winter weather had started the day before and the kids didn't have school on Thursday due to some ice patches on the roads out here. The kids enjoyed the day off but were really disappointed that there wasn't any snow on a "snow day". Things were different, however, on Friday morning. Chris woke me up at 5:30 to tell me that the kids wouldn't be going to school. I thought "Great! I won't wake the boys up and I'll get to sleep a bit later.". Nope. Grant was up about 10 after 6 and couldn't wait to look out the window. An hour later we were outside making snow angels, tasting the snow (what kid can't resist eating some snow?), having snowball fights, and sledding down the hill in our backyard. Matthew was the ingenious one that came up with the idea of using the big toybox lid as a sled. It worked great! :) At the end of the day, we had gone through several changes of clothes and shoes, a few mugs of hot chocolate, and lots of little boys running in and out of the house. Some say that there will be more snow again before winter's over, but chances are that was our one Big Snow of the season. We'll see! :)

What it looked like across the neighborhood before the kids came out and the sun melted it all away

Me and the boys

Our house

Below are some pictures of our sledding fun! :

I wasn't just posing... I actually did slide down the hill and it was fun!! :)


We had a wonderfully cold and snowy day! :)


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