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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Summer 2006 Update

Boy! So much going on this summer. Back in May, we sold our house in Memphis after 9 days on the market (FSBO). After much searching and deciding where to live, we chose to live in Olive Branch, MS. We had a new house built and it was completed by the middle of May. We have about an acre of land and woods on 2 sides of us. The boys are loving it!! We have great neighbors (that are over all the time! heehee) and a nice location. Come visit when you can!!
Grant's birthday was in April... he turned 5. Matthew's was in June... he turned 8. Mine was in June... and I turned, well, ahem... heehee The boys and I made a trip to visit my BIL/SIL and their kids in June. Then, we spent a weekend in Hot Springs, AR for a mini-vacation. Took the boys to Magic Springs and out on the lake. Had a great time! At the end of June, I made a trip to NY with my siblings and Dad to visit my mother's family. It was so nice relaxing and visiting with everyone. Whew! Hope we're home for a while now.
School will start for the boys on August 14. Grant will be in Kindergarten (where did my baby go??) and Matthew will be in the 3rd grade. I'm hoping to watch at least 2 kids in my home... as usual.
We've had some illnesses here and there, but we are all well, now. Thankfully, I never caught anything the others had... moms just can't get sick, right?? ;)
We've got more to cram in before summer ends, but it will all be fun!! heehee


Anonymous Margo said...

Cathy! Welcome to the blogging world. It's great to have a place where people can catch up on the happenings of your family. You are all BUSY!

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